NEW! FSFlyingSchool 2023 for

Flight Simulator & XP 12/11!

Flight Instructor add-on for MSFS, X-Plane, FSX and P3D

FSFlyingSchool is an award winning add-on for your favorite flight simulator. Its team of talking instructors will have you flying your very best.

FSFlyingSchool 2023 for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Packed with NEW features!
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For real & simulator pilots

Used by thousands of real and simulator pilots all over the world.

Pick a plane!

Fly small and large airplanes; c152, c172, c208B and KA-350 with extra detailed instruction!

Award Winning!

We've been awarded several accolades including FIVE consecutive PC Pilot Classic Product awards.

  • Here's what our customers think of FSFlyingSchool...
  • "Brilliant."
    Joe Lavery (PC Pilot Magazine)
  • "Again, I will thank you all, for the wonderful program with such a lot of upgrades in the pasts days and also your good support."
    R Sieber
  • "Why has my flying technique improved? Simple, it's all down to Miss Aviatrix, my instructor, in FSFlyingSchool. The best add on I have bought."
    Br Saunders
  • "So realistic and so much fun. I can't go flying without my instructor!"
    Robert M
  • "A fabulous add-on for FSX. The support is wonderful and FSFlyingSchool will add a whole new dimension to your sim flying experience."
    Ed Zawacki
  • "Best training guide & co-pilot I have. Support is EXCELLENT."
    David Congram
  • "It's surprising how quickly it raises the professionalism of your flying when you know you're being scrutinised."
    Joe Lavery (PC Pilot Magazine)
  • "I think I have an addiction, but its cheaper than going to the pub."
    D Smith
  • "Interesting Addon. I had my doubts at first, but the first time I used it, I was convinced this is a great addon."
    Barry Weinzimmer

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