Features in
FSFlyingSchool 2024 for
X-Plane 12 & 11
  • NEW! Two Instructor Pack
  • NEW! Voice Command Pack PRO!
  • Enhanced Flight Mapping and Graphing
  • Cessna 172 PRO Pack included
  • Career Analyzer Upgraded
  • As well as...
  • Failures, fires and more integrated into FSFlyingSchool!
  • Taxi in Wind Monitoring and Advice
  • Yoke Pressure & Trim Monitoring and Advice
  • Rudder control Monitoring and Advice
  • Announce Nearest Airport & Location
  • Now reads data it needs for ANY plane!
  • Now includes Taxiway Tutor!
  • Now includes Career Analyzer V2!
  • Now includes Next Level Pack!
  • Now includes Robin 401DR Detail Pack!
  • Now includes Cherokee 140 Detail Pack!
  • Now includes Douglas DC-3 Detail Pack!
  • Now includes Baron B58 Detail Pack!
  • Now includes ZIBO B737-800 support!
  • Now includes AirFoilLabs c172 support!
  • Now includes FlyJSim Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 support!
  • Includes all of Navigator Pack for X-Plane!
  • Includes all of Autopilot Tutor for X-Plane!
  • Includes all of Weather Tutor Pack for X-Plane!
  • Includes all of PRO Pack for X-Plane!
  • Support for X-Plane 12 and 11
  • Google Flight Mapping
  • Support for:
  • Beechcraft Bonanza F33A (Carenado)
    Beechcraft King Air B200
    Beechcraft King Air B200 (Carenado)
    Beechcraft King Air C90 (Carenado)
    Beechcraft King Air C90B (Carenado)
    Beechcraft King Air C90B (XP10)
    Boeing 737-800 (General)
    Boeing 747-400 (XP10)
    Boeing 777 Worldliner (VMAX)
    Boeing 777-200 (XP10)
    Boeing 787 Dreamliner (VMAX)
    Cessna 152 II (Carenado)
    Cessna 172 (Carenado) (In detail!)
    Cessna 172 (XP10) (In detail!)
    Cessna 208B (Carenado) (In detail!)
    Cessna 337 Skymaster (Carenado)
    Cessna 340 II (Carenado)
    Cessna CT210 Centurion II (Carenado)
    Cirrus C4 'The Jet' (XP10)
    Cirrus SF50 (XP11)
    Cirrus SR20 (vFlyteAir)
    Columbia 400 (XP10)
    DA40-180 Diamond Star (Shade Tree)
    Eclipse 550 NG (Aerobask)
    Epic E1000 Skyview (Aerobask)
    Lisa Akoya (on land) (Aerobask)
    Lockheed C-130 Hercules (XP10)
    Lockheed L-1011 TriStar (Wilson)
    MD 82 (XP11)
    MD KC-10 Extender (XP10)
    Mooney M20J (Carenado)
    Piaggio P180 Avanti Ferrari (XP10)
    Piper PA-28 Archer II (Carenado)
    Piper PA-28 Arrow 200 (vFlyteAir)
    Piper PA-32 Saratoga (Carenado)
    Piper PA-34 Seneca II (Carenado)
    Velocity V-Twin (Aerobask)
    ...and YOU can ADD MORE yourself!
  • Captions! Instructor's speech is now displayed in X-Plane
  • Team of 3 talking Flight Instructors
  • Scoring system rates all phases of flight
  • Instructor knows which runway you are landing at
  • Instructor knows which runway you are taking off from
  • No need to land on a fixed point on the runway
  • Spoken 'Teaching Tips'
  • Friendly scoring system
  • Numerical data added to log book
  • Runway length and threshold part of landing evaluation
  • Optional Voice Command Pack
  • Twitter Support

FSFlyingSchool 2024 for X-Plane 12 & 11 Demo

v 13.0.0

The demo version of "FSFlyingSchool 2024 for X-Plane 12 & 11" (for Microsoft Windows) contains all of the features listed on the features page, except for the following modifications:

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FSFlyingSchool 2024 for X-Plane 12 & 11 Demo - Pilot Notes

After installing FSFlyingSchool on your PC, please read the FSFlyingSchool 2024 PDF Manual which you will find in the:
Start Menu - Programs - FSFlyingSchool 2024 for X-Plane 12 & 11 menu.

You can fly with FSFlyingSchool without reading the manual, but you'll enjoy it much more if you understand what your instructor is trying to tell you.

Be sure to start off in a supported plane.

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