Quotes from FSFlyingSchool Pilots

"The FSFlyingSchool program is quick and easy to install and has very little impact, if any, on the performance of your flight simulator."
- Joe Lavery (PC Pilot Magazine)

"This is where you begin to realise how sloppy your flying has become, (well I did anyway)."
- Joe Lavery (PC Pilot Magazine)

"It's also surprising how quickly it raises the professionalism of your flying when you know you're being scrutinised; to the point where it becomes quite a challenge not to get any in-flight criticism."
- Joe Lavery (PC Pilot Magazine)

"And I suppose that's what makes FSFlyingSchool so exciting, it's the challenge of doing it right and getting confirmation in the form of a written appraisal that makes the effort worthwhile."
- Joe Lavery (PC Pilot Magazine)

"Naturally, you don't upload your worst scores, but the incentive is to try to get your name as near to the top of the leader board as possible."
- Joe Lavery (PC Pilot Magazine)

"It is a nice program and worth the money."
- Rob de Vries (Chief Editor of simFlight.nl)

"I think the high score idea is a masterstroke and has certainly pushed me to improve my game. I'm sure expanding the competition would increase the pleasure and enhance the potential of an already superb piece of work!"
- FloodColumbus

"I just bought and installed your product. It is really neat, and it is something I had been looking for for a while."
- Olivier

"I feel this is a great add-on for FSX"
- Romuald

"I think, for me, that is one of the beauties of FSFS; it makes me want to 'do it properly'"
- Richard Hardiman

"I've had just about everything fail! If you turn that slider up to 'very unreliable' regions (low numbers) then things are going to get pretty nasty! What a wild ride! love it."
- Jim Griffiths

"My rating got progressively better when I understood the programme better and concentrated more on flying. I felt I was more concentrated on keeping altitudes and speeds than in flying without FSFS, just like in my real flight lessons. I liked it!"
- Eric van der Veen

"Instructor provided proper feedback on the errors of my ways."
- Don Williams

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