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"Installation easy and clear."
- Eric van der Veen

"I managed to get some flying in this evening - but just goes to show that a couple of glasses of wine don't help. Poor scores got progressively worse but the main thing is FSFS is working well and the criticisms it makes are valid!"
- Richard Hardiman

"The failure mode worked nice, I got an instrument failure which was challenging."
- Raffi Shahinian

"FSFS has worked well in all cases. I can perceive no frame-rate reduction or additional stutters."
- Phil Cayton

"The program has definitely gotten me to brush up my hand flying skills."
- Steve Eisenberg

"I think my passengers would thank FS School for teaching me not to spill their drinks and my airline is definitely (now) saving money on barf bags. I really like being able to do quick landings, starting in the air and just landing the thing. This means I can try out a whole bunch of airplanes to see how good I really am with each one."
- IceMan

"Circuits are hard but fun in FSFS. It'll take a lot to master the art to the satisfaction of the instructor, but that's what I wanted!"
- Jim Griffiths

"I liked the small sound effects of the instructor (coughing, whistling). They bring some atmosphere."
- Eric van der Veen

"Well done guys. A great product and destined to become one of those 'can't fly without' programs for many people. I love it!"
- Richard Hardiman

"FSFS + Props = Fun!"
- Don Williams

"What fun!"
- Phil Cayton

"I have just done my first flight using FS Flight School - very enjoyable! The programme did determine my various flight modes correctly and tracked my flightplan. It determined that my landing was a good one - except that I wasn't on the centreline and did not taxi straight afterwards. I am going to have to tell all my mates at VOZ and AVSIM about this"
- Baz from Beenleigh

"It is very nice to have the instructor to comment what you are doing in your flight and it is good for the improvement of my flying in Flight simulator."
- GoFe

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