FSFlyingSchool for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

FSFlyingSchool for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Advanced Airmanship Challenges! Instantly test your finest skills during any flight. Yes
Optional 'Instant Help' spoken by the instructor when a control, switch or instrument is used. Yes
Autopilot Tutor Pack. Yes
Flight maps saved and you can share them online. Yes
c172 detailed instruction pack. Yes
c152 detailed instruction pack. Yes
Option to have instructor automatically tune next VOR NAVAID in flight plan Yes
Optional detailed aviation tips spoken by instructor Yes
Team of talking instructors! Yes
Scoring system rates all phases of flight: taxi, take off, cruise, approach, landing & moreYes
Fly anywhere in the world with an instructorYes
Instructor will optionally monitor your use of aircraft lights and help you get it right! Yes
It's never been easier to use! You can now land anywhere you like and your instructors will know which runway you have chosen. Just get lined up with a runway ahead of you when you descend in landing mode. The instructor will look ahead, figure which runway you are heading for and announce where you are going to land. Easy! Yes
No need to file a flight plan! Fly any route you wish with full evaluation of your performance. Yes
Instructor knows which runway you are landing at. Even without a flight plan or ILS, and will give advice on how to land. Yes
Instructor knows which runway you are taking off from. Instructor will comment and give advice on the runway you have selected. Yes
No need to land on a fixed point on the runway. Any reasonable landing on a runway will get a reasonable score. Yes
Auto-read MSFS's current flight plan. Option so that FlyingSchool will always read MSFS's current flight plan when you press the connect button in FSFlyingSchool. This is a great time saver! Yes
Spoken Teaching Tips. Option so that FSFlyingSchool will speak a series of helpful tips when you fly with FSFlyingSchool. Tips are always in the same voice and are clearly different from a normal 'instructor' voice. These tips are like training wheels on a bicycle and are telling you how to use FSFlyingSchool and Flight Simulator itself. Once you have got the basics of these operations down, you may wish to turn these basic tips off. Yes
Friendly scoring system. Rewards all flights which were basically safe - higher scores require plenty of skill. If you can walk away from your landing - you will get a score. If you crash - you will not! Yes
Detailed numerical data in log book shows details of flight performance, such as landing speed, distance from threshold, approach accuracy and more. Yes
Runway length and threshold part of landing evaluation. Landings have never been easier - just land beyond the threshold (even when displaced), on the runway, and not too long, and you'll be looking at great scores. Yes
FSFlyingSchool for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Unique Career Analyzer graphs over 70 areas of airmanshipYes
Evaluates landing with or without ILS at any runway in the worldYes
Option to monitor correct use of aircraft lightsYes
Pilot Briefing Tool analyzes all flights to find patterns of performance which need improvementYes
Instructor optionally advises when the next waypoint in a flight plan is approachingYes
Instructor optionally advises which radio to tune for the next NAVAID (Navigation Aid) in the flight planYes
Instructor reports upcoming waypoint ID and type and advises the turn which must be made when it is reachedYes
Instructor reports reports the ID and type of the NAVAID, how to use its signal, and the course which can be tracked with itYes
Instructors give additional warnings before mistakes are madeYes
Option to monitor correct use of aircraft enginesYes
Engine firesYes
Monitors use of emergency communicationsYes
Enhanced HelpYes
Multiple instructors with different personalities, genders and nationalitiesYes
Instructor reports runway length, altitude and surface type when on approachYes
Instructor optionally tunes NAV1 (Navigation Radio One) to ILS (Instrument Landing System) at destination airportYes
Instructor optionally tunes COM2 (Communications Radio Two) to ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) at destination airportYes
Instructor reports distance from DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) navigation aidYes
Automatically reads the flight plan in use in MSFSYes
Log Book statistics are totalled for easy reviewYes
Flight scores tracked in detail in your own FSFlyingSchool logbookYes
Link to real world airport data on webYes
FSFlyingSchool web site hosts top scores tablesYes
Ideal for small or large airplanesYes
Huge selection of options for custom configurationsYes
Instant tests of your airmanship - just ask the instructorYes
Detailed scoring of your performance - not a simple summaryYes
Instructor will advise on height, gear, flaps, speed, wind and more as you approach the runwayYes
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