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Posted Tuesday, June 14, 2011 9:13:30 AM

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FSFlyingSchool Training CaptainFSFlyingSchool Training CaptainFSFlyingSchool Training CaptainFSFlyingSchool Training CaptainFSFlyingSchool Training CaptainFSFlyingSchool Training CaptainFSFlyingSchool Training CaptainFSFlyingSchool Training Captain

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 Alright people..... After lots of delays, problems, and tries, it´t finally time.

Joe and Ole proudly presents:

The FSFlyingSchool - World Wide Tour II
Final set of rules!

This leisure-tour/competition is first of all made to make use of the FSFlyingSchool instructor/rating system, which will make anyone fly better. To learn and have fun, in other words. Please enter in that spirit. For anyone entering the FSFS - WWT II, please make note of the following:

1) This is a mammoth world wide tour. 269 legs of flight - plus some extra (yellow lines in the Google Earth file) if you want to - but we have 8 months to do it - and Its fun.

2) See the route we have planned, in the Google Earth file and in the Spreadsheet provided below. You fly the legs in the described order, starting and ending in Rome - Italy.

3) You must make a thread in the Competition forum (where you are now) called something like, ”yourname´s WWT II flightlog, pictures and stories” ai ”Oles WWT II flightlog, pictures and stories” In this thread you post scores, FSFS flightlogs, your screenshots and any stories you want to attach to your flights, (If you look in some of the threads from WWT I, you will see thousands of pictures and one almost-truthfull story after another. It all adds to the fun.

4) This tour consist of very diverse length of flights, and very different airports to land in, so there is not one plane to suit it all. You are therefore use any plane. Its preferred that the planes are in the FSFS hanger, as you will be able to upload scores to the FSFS website, but its not mandatory. Please ensure that you choose a plane for even the longest legs, and one for the shortest runways... Every plane you choose must be used in the WWT2 in at least 10 legs of flight. If you fail to comply on this point - your final score will be reduced by 10% per plane used for less than 10 legs.

5) You fly anytime of day, you like, any season, real time or not, real weather or not. Be advised that visibility and landing in crosswinds etc. will affect your score in FSFlyingSchool – higher score for landing in high winds/low visibility.

6) You can use autopilot if you like. Just note that autopilot under certain conditions (see manual) will reduce your score in FSFlyingSchool, by 33%

7) You must use FSFlyingSchool for all legs, and upload scores from all flights/landings, if possible. If not - then you must post the post flight logbook entry from FSFS in "your" thread.

8) Please post screenshots of your flights, and comments from the flights - however crazy it sounds.... and its okay to post comments in each others threads. This will add to the fun.

9) Please don’t cheat. One attempt per leg! Submit score no matter what they are. It´s for fun and to gain piloting skills - and for fun! In case of system break downs – or unexpected disconnects from FSFS (and be aware if you type for instance in MSN, while flying as pressing a ”Y” while in FSX instead of in MSN, will cause you to slew, and thus FSFS to disconnect – believe me, I know!

10) The FSFlyingSchool – World Wide Tour II, starts on July 1. 2011. We start in LIRA, Rome, Italy, and we end it no later than April 30´th 2012 in LIRF, also Rome Italy. See the spreadsheet for details.


All pilots must have reached SPLP (Lima - Peru) (thats 70 mandatory legs of flight) no later than September 15. 2011. (Then we take a week off)

All pilots must have reached AYPN - Port Moresby - New Caledonia) (thats 134 mandatory legs of flight) no later than November 30. 2011 (Then we take a week off)

All pilots must have reached HKJK - Nairobi - Kenya) (thats 206 mandatory legs of flight) no later than February 15. 2012 (Then we take a week off)

And finally -

All pilots must be in LIRF, (Rome Italy) (thats 269 mandatory legs of flight) no later than April 30. 2012. Here the tour ends in a giant celebration where we find the winner.

12) On July 1. 2011 (or shortly hereafter) the average “Flight” and “Landing” scores from each pilot will be put together and divided by two. The pilot with the highest average combined score wins the WWT II. Remember that bigger planes will score higher (if you can handle them) and its our experience that this will encourage pilots to try out bigger planes. In WWT I, Joe and I, started out in relatively small planes, but ended up flying a lot of legs in a Boeing 747, and we got pretty good at it - so dont be shy - go for heavy metal also...

13) Prizes will be awarded by FSInventions to the 3 pilots completing all legs with the best average scores. Prizes to be determined by FSInventions.

14) If there is any doubts about anything, we talk about it, and if a settlement cannot be reached, we meet and fight it out - LOL

I think that is it. Let’s fly and get some scores in FSFlyingSchool!

Ole Andreasen, Denmark

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