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RE: My purchase of FSFS Experiance Expand / Collapse
Posted Tuesday, November 03, 2015 6:55:11 PM
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Hello I am very new here to this forum.

Let me start by saying thanks for having this service of support I hope it can HELP me with the ongoing problems which seems to be fairly common regarding the fix for FSFS 2015 to actually fully function without having any Errors.

So, I purchased FSFS through a third party website called through an instant download not a CD
I downloaded and installed it in the already previous FSFS 2015 free CD I got with PC pilot
a couple of weeks ago back as that one was the (Demo Version) I then noticed I wasn't running the current version of FSUIPC so I had to update my FSUIPC to the current version, I proceeded with this and everything to me seemed normal enough, after I did this through Pete Dowson's Website. The version i installed is 4.948. But there is a couple of issues i have as regards running the programme correctly i have FSX fired up before starting the Programme and i make sure that i am in the Cockpit mode, but right after this

i get this seemly common 75 - Path/File Access Error Location: WriteINIFile Line: 140 File:[C:\Program Flies(x86)\FSFlying School\Aircraft.fs2] when i switch back to the FSFS screen i must mention here, i do run as Administrator and i also updated the FSFS to Version v8.7.3 from the previous version, now its still asking me to Run as Admin i would kindly appreciate a fix at least please advise on how to or if this can be solved as some of the menu options seem to be greyed out when connected and the credits screen where i enter in the 3 Fields have disappeared but the registration key number is still there but also greyed out. Please help i really like the look of this Programme as what looks to be to be quite intuitive but i don't seem to have got what i paid for. in getting it to function properly.
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Posted Wednesday, November 04, 2015 12:54:29 AM

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Hi Stephen:

This problem has been noted on a small number of PCs which have specific antivirus software running. This gets into privacy issues so we will email you to solve the case.

Note for all readers - once you have registered one of our products, all that will be shown at the Credits Screen at the 4 fields where the license data was entered is the last (4th) line as you will need this under some circumstances. The other data (first 3 lines) is NOT shown.

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